For over four decades, CEIEC has been giving close watch to world’s security situation and social development since its foundation in 1980, and continuously improving our solutions and services to help our customers respond to the challenges from sovereignty threat, natural disaster, social crisis, and economic development. We hold a large group of experts from government organizations, military forces, security agencies and industry manufactures to understand customer’s current situation and future demand by their expertise and experience. We manage a full line of products to be integrated into tailor-made solutions meeting various application scenario. We are very proud that we are now close partner of many foreign government, military and security department, to help them fulfill their mission of securing citizen’s confidence to health, safety, economic growth and public governance.
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Business solutions integration is the joint business of exhibition and advertisement, modern logistics, tendering, and world trade. By providing integrated and tailor-made solutions to the customers, the operation efficiency in different links of commodity circulation could be upgraded simultaneously, and the win-win situation could be achieved.
R&D Team
China Electronics R&D Center for Overseas Project, a research institute specialized in system integration and research & development of product, was founded based on CEIEC. With the top-level capability of system design and integration, the Center focuses on the research of key technology, manufacture of core products, integration, simulation and demonstration of large-scaled comprehensive information system. Staffed by a good number of elite with either doctorate or masterate, and equipped with advanced facilities for research, manufacture, and experiment, the Center promises the customers a strong R&D strength and a comprehensive quality assurance system.