The President of Ecuador Inaugurated Machala Public Security Command and Control Center


On December 14th, 2012, the President of Ecuador visited the project 1101 by CEIEC and inaugurated the Public Security Command and Control Center.

Mr. President received the project constructors in the Press Conference Hall and made a wonderful speech after watching the demonstration of ECU-911 SYSTEM. He expressed sincere thanks to CEIEC for completing such a complex and precise system in a short period of only 2 months, and believed the system would well decrease the crime rate and improve the social security in Ecuador, which is significant to the whole country.

The ECU-911 System in Machala is the third of its kind in Ecuador, which built a good corporate image of CEIEC, and moreover, laid a solid foundation for the Emergency Command and Control System in South American market.


02 / 22 / 2013