CEIEC Signed the Contract of Colombo Lotus Tower Project

On January 3rd, 2012, with the witness of the President of Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka, who is also the Secretary to the President of Sri Lanka, and the Executive Secretary of Sri Lanka Foreign Ministry, the Presidents of CEIEC and ALIT signed the contract with Mr Anusha Palpita, the Director General of Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka, for the Colombo Lotus Tower Project.

The Colombo Lotus Tower is located by Lake Beira in the center of Colombo. With CBD on the west, airport highway on the east, Colombo Harbor to the North and Lake Beira on the south, it is the central tourist zone in Colombo. The Tower, designed to be 350 m high, covers an area of 55,000 m2 with a floor space of 27,000 m2. It costs $ 100 million and is planned to be completed in 30 months.

The Colombo Lotus Tower is not only the first TV tower in Sri Lanka, but also the first foreign TV tower in reinforced concrete structure that undertaken by Chinese company. At the meanwhile, it is also the tallest tower in South Asia, and is going to be the landmark in Sri Lanka, even in the whole South Asia.

The signing of this project was warmly responded in Sri Lanka and widely reported by the mainstream media. Colombo Lotus Tower is now already contained and explained in Wikipedia as an entry.

01 / 17 / 2012