Message from President

On a Successful Enterprise

There are three fundamental elements for a successful enterprise: sincerity, regulation, and innovation.

Sincerity, the way of Heaven, forms the foundation of the enterprise. Keeping sincere in mind and honest in act will make business brisk and bring benefits to the world.

Regulation, the code of conduct, is a set of rules for the management of the enterprise. Abiding by rules and judging by standards will lead to the unity of theory and practice and make business firm and steady.

Innovation, the source of prosperity, marks a favorable turn in the growth of the enterprise. Innovating against backwardness and improving for ingenuity will make the enterprise regenerate and thrive perpetually.

A rich and powerful enterprise brings wealth and strength to its country. But its way to success is long and full of zigzags. Only by gathering the intelligence and competence of the mass with painstaking pursuit and constant perseverance can we attain the goal.

President of CEIEC:Qu Huimin